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I joined Mastodon not knowing what I was doing. So you can get me @RaeYcrep and @Rae and here. I kinda split myself between the three.

I was going to mess around with another time lapse today. One of the sky. But then it would have just been a video of unmoving grey.

Anyone out there able to 3D print some things for me? Obviously I will pay you for the printing and the shipping, and CAD as appropriate if there isn't a default for what I'd like. Mainly lots of small things rather than one big thing.

Would appreciate boosting the toot if you do know other people who can help me out!

I joined Mastodon not knowing what I was doing. So you can get me @RaeYcrep and @Rae and here. I kinda split myself between the three.

Another test of Mastodon to Twitter!

Testing a Mastodon to Twitter IFTTT...!

Shopping on the IKEA website is the online shopping equivilent of untangling headphone cables.

I went back to Discord in an attempt to get all my social gubbings sorted. Oh boy, some of the servers. Some. Of. The. Servers.

If you have just received a follow request from me I found you on the Trunk Wiki lists!

And I'm back. I still haven't got into the habit of regularly checking here!

Also keep seeing people playing beta and my heart hurts. I really need someone to come over and try to get internet to my home.

Got an interview for an art foundation course. Next week. Don’t hear anything for 3 months then get a weeks notice to get a portfolio together. Hurrah.

Bought three games for the . , and . I will never play Sekiro again as I value my sanity. I might be a crap gamer but jeez I’d like to get past the tutorial before I retire. Red Dead still needs to reel me in, open world RPG yes, but it is massively quest driven with one too many mechanics to keep track of. And SotC was a trip down memory lane. Yet to play it though.

"Well, they say..." who are they? The wizards?

Really wanted Civ VI. 75EUR +. Open up to play Civ V. Presented with a loyalty offer for Civ VI for 19.99EUR. YEY!

I am most of the way done with stripping my Facebook account way down. Just ordered a new super basic android phone that actually allows Facebook to be deleted. Looking at you Samsung. No longer on a bill pay account and instead moved to a top up with unlimited data. Nothing quite like decluttering my digital life.

A calf has to go to the Bone Setter. He's in Birr. We are in Templemore. Not gonna use the cattle trailer for one baby.

Anyone with Bruce Wayne levels of wealth willing to help fund getting a Fibre internet connection out to me? Anyone?

If this makes it out into the 'verse - does anyone have suggestions of blogs/people to follow via RSS? Getting fed up of various info-streams ditching chronological. Bring back telex I say.

Spent the afternoon trying to find some 3G or 4G signal around the house. Why? We have satellite broadband only at our location which means no online-only or multiplayer games. Sucks because nearly every game out there has an online component. Hoping to go mobile broadband for better download cap and better ping.

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