A calf has to go to the Bone Setter. He's in Birr. We are in Templemore. Not gonna use the cattle trailer for one baby.

Beannachtaí óÉirinn where the weather doesn't know what tf it's doing.

One of my dogs. Ex-racer called Sunny. She has much snoot that requires booping.

So where I am in hospital they have tape sealed the windows. Is the infection inside? Or outside?

There's probably a lot to unpack here but I totally use Shane for his blue chickens.

Ok, the weather improved so I got planter number 2 finished.

It's after 11pm which means the internet is no longer capped. Time to update all the games and sneak in some online gaming. All while my husband sleeps beside me...

Good morning! Today I will be trying to get this city past 100k!

Spring weather my arse Met Eireann. Spent my evening sat like this keeping my lady-nads warm.

One of my hobbies is letter writing and sending postcards. Who doesn't enjoy something in their post box that isn't junk or a bill?

Made some soup with Udon noodles. Then gonna play computer games for the rest of the night. Don't know if I am emotionally ready to go back to yet though...

Out in Killarney for breakfast. Fantastic little French bakery!


Glaoigh (pronounced glayg in the Munster dialect) is an Ireland based Instance.